Wahgoshig First Nation

Nestled in a village near Matheson Ontario with a population of 234, the Wahgoshig First Nation reserve encompasses 19, 239 acres; the north end meets the south shore of Abitibi Lake, which divides North Eastern Ontario from North Western Quebec. Accessible from Highway 101, the village occupies 70 hectares of flat land adjacent to Blueberry Lake. West of the village the land becomes a perfect habitat for moose, bears, grouse and other game.

Lake Abitibi was the site of an important Hudson Bay Company Trading Post. The Lake Abitibi Indians, historically one band, are now composed of two communities. Wahgoshig (Ontario) and Pikogan (Quebec). The Post was located at a Point called Abitibi Matciteweiak located on the Quebec side of the lake.

The Abitibi Indian Reserve #70 is within the boundary of the Territory described by the James Bay Treaty (Treaty #9) signed on June 1, 1906. On June 18, 1986, the Ontario Band officially changed its name to Wahgoshig First Nation.



Featured Artist

One of Wahgoshig First Nation artisans is Bear Babin, who makes traditional regalia since 2001, algonquin made headdresses since 2005, traditional algonquin flutes since 2006 and traditional drums since 1998.
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Recent News 04.03.16

Notice to all members of Wahgoshig First Nation… General Meeting Saturday April 16, 2016 Community Building - 10:30 to 4pm Lunch Provided
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Call for an Expression of Interest

Chief Bear Babin would like to call for an expression of interest to the youth of Wahgoshig First Nation on and off reserve, for an opportunity to visit the Canadian Museum of history. There will be a visit to the museum and the artifacts related to the Algonquin people, followed by a discussion on the appropriate way for the museum to highlight the Algonquin presence in their next Exhibition room. Submission DUE DATE: Friday July 22, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. CONTACT: Chief Bear Babin You can send your Expression of interest by email and fax only to wfnchief@wahgoshigfirstnation.com or fax number 1-705-273-2900
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